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      CCP 3351     




Art. 3351.  Amount of compensation; when due

An executor shall be allowed as compensation for his services such reasonable amount as is provided in the testament in which he is appointed.  An administrator for his services in administering a succession shall be allowed such reasonable amount as is provided by the agreement between the administrator and the surviving spouse, and all competent heirs or legatees of the deceased.

In the absence of a provision in the testament or an agreement between the parties, the administrator or executor shall be allowed a sum equal to two and one-half percent of the amount of the inventory as compensation for his services in administering the succession.  The court may increase the compensation upon a proper showing that the usual commission is inadequate.

A provisional administrator or an administrator of a vacant succession shall be allowed fair and reasonable compensation by the court for his services.

The compensation of a succession representative shall be due upon the homologation of his final account.  The court may allow an administrator or executor an advance upon his compensation at any time during the administration.

Amended by Acts 1982, No. 281, §1.

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