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      HRULE 2.8     


Rule 2.8.  Speaker Pro Tempore; duties

The duties of the Speaker Pro Tempore shall be the following:

(1)  At the discretion of the Speaker, to assist the Speaker in his duties.

(2)  In the absence of the Speaker, to preside or to call a member to preside as Acting Speaker.

(3)  Upon the death of the Speaker, to assume the powers, duties, responsibilities and emoluments of the Speaker of the House until the first regular or special session of the legislature thereafter, at which time a new Speaker shall be elected; however, if the death of the Speaker occurs while the legislature is in session, the vacancy in the office of the Speaker shall be filled immediately.

(4)  In the event of the disability or absence of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, to assume the powers, duties and responsibilities of the Speaker until the termination of such disability or absence, both the disability or absence and the termination thereof to be certified by the Speaker of the House or by a majority of the members of the House of Representatives by roll call vote or mail ballot, for which service the House of Representatives shall make appropriate financial recompense.

(5)  To perform such other duties or functions and to exercise such powers as shall be prescribed by the Constitution or laws of the state or by the legislature or the House of Representatives.

Mason's Manual:  Sec. 579(3 and 5)

HR 3, 1973.

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