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      RS 38:329.5     


§329.5.  Chenier Plain Coastal Restoration and Protection Authority; powers and duties

A.(1)  The Chenier Plain Coastal Restoration and Protection Authority (authority) shall constitute a political subdivision of the state of Louisiana within the meaning of Article VI, Section 44 of the Constitution of Louisiana, and is hereby granted the power to issue bonds and to levy property taxes for the payment of principal and interest thereon as provided in this Subsection.

(2)  The authority may levy property taxes, incur debt, and otherwise raise revenue as provided in Article VI, Sections 39 and 40 of the Constitution of Louisiana and in any manner provided by law for levee districts.  No property tax shall be levied without a majority vote of the electors in each parish within the territorial jurisdiction of the authority.

(3)  The authority may issue general obligation bonds as defined in Article VI, Section 33 of the Constitution of Louisiana in the manner set forth in R.S. 39:551 et seq.

B.  The authority shall have all the rights and powers conferred by Chapter 4 of Title 38 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, as amended, together with such additional rights and powers as may be granted by the legislature.

C.(1)  The management and control of the authority shall be vested in the board of commissioners of the Chenier Plain Coastal Restoration and Protection Authority.  In addition to any other powers and duties provided by law, the primary duty of the board shall be to establish, construct, operate, or maintain flood control works as they relate to hurricane protection, tidewater flooding, saltwater intrusion, and conservation.  As a secondary duty, the board shall have the power to establish flood control, adequate drainage relating to tidal or riverine flooding, and water resources development including but not limited to construction of reservoirs, diversion canals, gravity and pump drainage systems, erosion control measures, and marsh management.

(2)  The board shall elect a president who shall serve for a two year term.  The office of president shall be rotated among the parishes so that a representative from each parish shall serve as president during every six year period.

(3)  The board may establish one or more advisory commissions to provide a venue for input from the broad range of persons and groups who may participate in and assist the board in the performance of its powers and duties.  An advisory commission shall be composed of equal representation from each parish.

D.(1)  The board may enter into contracts and agreements of any nature for the purposes of this Chapter with any person or persons, corporation, association, or other entity, including public corporations, port authorities, the state and agencies thereof, levee districts, parishes, other political subdivisions, the United States government and agencies thereof, or any combination thereof, or with instrumentalities of any kind to carry out the purposes of and the powers granted in this Chapter.

(2)  In seeking requests for proposals for professional engineering services, the board shall make every effort to utilize various engineering companies located within the parishes of Calcasieu, Cameron, or Vermilion.

E.  The board may enter into contracts or other agreements with any person or entity concerning the providing of lands, servitudes, rights-of-way, and relocations, and may engage jointly in the exercise of any power to include the construction, operation, and maintenance of any facilities and improvements for the purpose of the projects under this Chapter.

F.  The board shall have the power to construct and maintain drainage works of all types as they relate to tidewater flooding, hurricane protection, conservation, and saltwater intrusion, either in cooperation with one or more parishes, municipalities, drainage districts, or other special districts within its jurisdiction, or upon its own undertaking.

G.  The board may buy and sell property, make and execute all contracts, and perform any and all things necessary to carry out the objects of this Chapter, subject to the limitations and duties provided in this Section.

H.  The powers of the authority shall not supercede the powers of any parish or local governing authority, local political subdivision, drainage district or other special district within its jurisdiction.

Acts 2010, No. 1008, §1.

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