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      RS 15:865     


§865. Solitary confinement abolished

            A. Except as provided in Subsections B and C of this Section, no prisoner in the state penitentiary shall be placed in solitary confinement, except in enforcing obedience to the police regulations of the penitentiary.

            B. Notwithstanding Subsection A of this Section and except as provided in Subsection C of this Section, no prisoner in any penal or correctional institution who is pregnant, or is less than eight weeks post medical release following a pregnancy, or is caring for a child in a penal or correctional institution shall be placed in solitary confinement.

            C. The provisions of this Section prohibiting the placement of prisoners in solitary confinement do not apply under either of the following circumstances:

            (1) The prisoner has engaged in an act of violence while incarcerated that either resulted in or was likely to result in serious bodily injury or death to another.

            (2) There is reasonable cause to believe that the use of solitary confinement is necessary to reduce a substantial risk of imminent serious bodily injury or death to another, as evidenced by the prisoner's recent conduct while incarcerated.

            Amended by Acts 2020, No. 140, §1.

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