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      RS 25:222     


§222.  State board of library examiners; creation; members, appointment, and terms of office; duties; examinations of applicants; fee for examination and certificate

A.  There is created a State Board of Library Examiners to be composed of three members, all of whom must be experienced and trained librarians, appointed and chosen by the Board of Commissioners of the State Library of Louisiana for a term of four years who shall serve without pay.  The members of the board shall meet and organize and elect one chairman and a secretary.  The board of library examiners shall have authority to establish rules and regulations for its government and prescribe examinations, qualifications, conditions, and requirements for those seeking certificates or permits to practice the profession of librarian.  The board shall hold at least one examination a year for the purposes of examining applicants for certificates as librarians at the office of the state library in Baton Rouge and may hold other examinations at other places in the state as may suit the convenience of the board and the applicants.

B.  All applicants for the certificates as librarian shall be required to deposit and pay to the State Library of Louisiana a fee of five dollars; if the applicants are successful in the examination, they will be given a certificate by the board of examiners.  All fees collected by the board shall be turned over by it to the State Library of Louisiana to defray the incidental expenses for certificates, traveling expenses, stationery, postage, and the like.

Acts 1991, No. 938, §2.

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