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      RS 26:78     


§78. Content of application for permit; commissioner power as ex officio notary

            A. Applications for state and local permits to engage in any business or operation regulated by this Chapter shall be in writing and sworn to, and shall contain the full name of the applicant, his social security number, his federal employer identification number, if applicable, his Louisiana Department of Revenue business account number, if applicable, his correct home address, and an accurate description and correct street address of the premises wherein the business or operation is to be conducted, which address shall be considered the proper address for all notices to the applicant or permittee required by this Chapter, and shall be accompanied by an affidavit of the applicant showing that he meets the qualifications and conditions set out in R.S. 26:80.

            B. Unless he is seeking a renewal of his permit, an applicant for a retail dealer's permit shall attach to his application, as a part thereof, a sworn affidavit stating that he has complied with the provisions of R.S. 26:77.

            C.(1) The commissioner and his agents shall be ex officio notaries public within their respective territorial jurisdiction to exercise the functions of a notary public only to administer oaths or affirmations and to notarize applications for permits required of the office of alcohol and tobacco control to engage in the business of dealing in alcoholic beverages as provided for by the provisions in this Title.

            (2) All acts performed by such an ex officio notary public authorized by this Subsection shall be performed without charge or other compensation and without the necessity of giving bond.

            (3) The commissioner may suspend or terminate the authority of an agent to act as an ex officio notary at any time, and separation from the employ of the office of alcohol and tobacco control shall automatically terminate the powers of such an ex officio notary public.

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