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      RS 37:33     


§33. License; pre-application eligibility determination

            A.(1) An individual convicted of a crime may request at any time, including before obtaining any required education or training, that an entity issuing licenses to engage in certain fields of work pursuant to state law determine whether the individual's criminal conviction disqualifies the individual from obtaining a license issued or conferred by the licensing entity.

            (2) An individual making such a request shall include any identifying information required by the licensing entity and details of the individual's criminal conviction, including any information relevant to the factors provided in R.S. 37:2950.

            B.(1) Not later than forty-five days after receiving a request in accordance with this Section, the licensing entity shall inform the individual whether, based on the criminal record information submitted, the individual is disqualified from receiving or holding the license about which the individual inquired. Any suspension of legal deadlines by executive order shall apply to this Subsection.

            (2) An individual making such a request may seek a criminal background check at the time of a pre-application eligibility determination. In such cases, the licensing entity shall inform the individual of a disqualifying determination within forty-five days of receipt of the criminal background check report.

            (3) A determination made pursuant to this Section is binding upon a licensing authority unless, at the time a full application for a license is submitted, the applicant has been subsequently convicted of a crime, has pending criminal charges, or has previously undisclosed criminal convictions.

            C. Any decision made pursuant to this Section shall be made in accordance with R.S. 37:2950.

            Acts 2014, No. 809, §1, eff. June 19, 2014; Acts 2017, No. 262, §1; Acts 2022, No. 486, §1.

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