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      RS 39:1595.1     


§1595.1. Validity of professional, personal, consulting, and social service contracts

            A. No contract shall be valid, nor shall the state be bound by the contract, until it has first been executed by the head of the using agency, or his designee, which is a party to the contract and the contractor, and has been approved in writing by the state chief procurement officer.

            B. In cases where the head of the using agency wants to delegate authority to one or more of his subordinates to sign contracts on behalf of the agency, this delegation shall be made in accordance with regulations of the office of state procurement and shall be subject to the approval of the office of state procurement.

            Added by Acts 1978, No. 772, §1; Acts 1981, No. 451, §1; Amended by Acts 1982, No. 307, §1; Acts 1985, No. 357, §1 by Acts 1982, No. 307, §1; Acts 1985, No. 673, §1; Acts 2014, No. 864, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2015.

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