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      RS 39:1655     


§1655. Maximum practicable competition

            A. All specifications shall seek to promote overall economy for the purposes intended and encourage competition in satisfying the needs of the state, and shall not be unduly restrictive. A specification may be drafted which describes a product which is proprietary to one company only when one of the following applies:

            (1) No other kind of specification is reasonably available for the state to describe its requirements.

            (2) There is a requirement for specifying a particular design or make of product due to factors of compatibility, standardization, or maintainability.

            (3) Such specification includes language which specifically permits an equivalent product to be supplied. Such specification shall include a description of the essential characteristics of the product.

            (4) Such specification is determined to be in the best interest of the state as provided for by R.S. 39:1568.1.

            B. Except as provided in Paragraph (A)(2) of this Section, whenever such proprietary specifications are used, the specifications shall clearly state that they are used only to denote the quality standard of supplies, services, or major repairs desired and that they do not restrict bidders to the specific brand, make, manufacturer, or specification named; that they are used only to set forth and convey to prospective bidders the general style, type, character, and quality of supplies, services, or major repairs desired; and that equivalent supplies, services, or major repairs will be acceptable.

            Added by Acts 1979, No. 715, §1, eff. July 1, 1980. Amended by Acts 1981, No. 452, §1; Acts 2014, No. 864, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2015.

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