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      RS 39:1732     


§1732. Definitions of terms used in this Part

            As used in this Part, the following words and phrases shall have the meaning ascribed to them in this Section, except as otherwise may be provided or unless a different meaning is plainly required by the context:

            (1) "Affiliate or subsidiary of a business dominant in its field of operation" means a business which is at least twenty percent owned by a business dominant in that field of operation, or by partners, officers, directors, majority shareholders, or their equivalent of a business dominant in that field of operation.

            (2) "Dominant in its field of operation" means exercising a controlling or major influence in a business activity in which a number of businesses are engaged. In determining if a business is dominant, the following criteria, among others, shall be considered: number of employees; volume of business; financial resources; competitive status or position; ownership or control of materials, processes, patents, license agreements, and facilities; sales territory; and nature of business activity.

            (3) "Services" means the furnishing of labor, time, or effort by a contractor, not involving the delivery of a specific end product other than reports which are merely incidental to the required performance. This term shall include those services covered by this Chapter and services performed by an architect, engineer, or landscape architect as provided by Part VII of Chapter 10 of Title 38 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950. This term shall not include collective bargaining agreements.

            (4) "Small business" means a small business as defined by the Small Business Administration of the United States Government which for purposes of size eligibility or other factors meets the applicable criteria set forth in 13 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 121, as amended, and which has its principal place of business in Louisiana.

            (5) "Socially or economically disadvantaged person" means a person who has been deprived of the opportunity to develop and maintain a competitive position in the economy because of social or economic disadvantage. This disadvantage may arise from cultural, social or economic circumstances or background or physical location.

            (6) "Women owned business" means a business that is at least fifty-one percent owned by a woman or women who also control and operate it. "Control" in this context means exercising the power to make policy decisions. "Operate" in this context means being actively involved in the day-to-day management. In determining whether a business is fifty-one percent owned by a woman or women, the percent ownership of the woman or women shall not be diminished because she is part of a community property regime.

            Added by Acts 1979, No. 715, §1, eff. July 1, 1980. Amended by Acts 1981, No. 691, §2; Acts 1982, No. 503, §1; Acts 1985, No. 948, §1; Acts 1991, No. 845, §1, eff. July 23, 1991; Acts 1995, No. 804, §1; Acts 2014, No. 864, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2015.

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