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      RS 39:2001     




§2001.  Louisiana Initiative for Small Entrepreneurships; intent

A.  The legislature hereby establishes the Louisiana Initiative for Small Entrepreneurships (the Hudson Initiative), hereinafter referred to in this Chapter as the "initiative", to facilitate the growth and stability of Louisiana's economy by fostering utilization by state interests of the business offerings available for state procurement and public contracts from Louisiana's small entrepreneurships.  Given the magnitude of the state's procurement and public contracting activity, state government is uniquely situated to create an environment where small entrepreneurships have an opportunity to thrive and ultimately enhance the stability of Louisiana's economy.

B.  The provisions of this Chapter are intended to encourage business opportunities for small entrepreneurships.  The criteria for certification as a small entrepreneurship for the purposes of the initiative shall be as established in R.S. 39:2006, and as may be additionally refined by administrative rule, but in no way whatsoever shall the sex, race, birth, age, physical condition, religious beliefs, political ideas, or affiliations of a business' owners or officers be considered as a factor in determining whether a business receives certified status.

Acts 2005, No. 440, §1, eff. July 11, 2005.

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