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      RS 40:1399     


§1399.  Police protection for the governor or other authorized persons

A.  The office of state police shall provide and maintain the security for the governor, the governor's immediate family, other persons authorized by the governor, and the governor's office and mansion, and the grounds thereof.  

B.  The office of state police may employ personnel necessary to carry out this responsibility, including uniformed and nonuniformed commissioned state police officers, pursuant to R.S. 40:1375, who shall have authority to bear arms and make arrests, with or without warrant, for violations of any of the criminal laws of the state, under the same terms and conditions as investigative personnel of the office, and who shall be considered peace officers for all purposes.  

C.  The deputy secretary for public safety services, in accordance with R.S. 36:405(A)(2), shall assign commissioned state police officers for the performance of the duties prescribed in this Section.  Upon request of the governor, the deputy secretary shall reassign a commissioned state police officer from continued performance of such duties.  

D.  Per diem and subsistence allowance for security personnel traveling with the governor or his family away from Baton Rouge shall be computed by payment of a sum not exceeding the amounts permitted for meals, plus actual expenses for lodging, to be substantiated by paid bills therefor.  

E.  The office of state police may provide security or transportation to visiting governors and their families upon request by the governor.  

F.  The office of state police may coordinate transportation and protective services provided herein with other law enforcement agencies and may request the assistance of other law enforcement agencies to carry out the duties required herein.  The other law enforcement agencies of the state may provide such assistance as may be requested by the office of state police under this Section.  

G.  The office of state police shall coordinate all protective services with the United States Department of State and the United States Secret Service when requested to do so by such agencies or by the governor.  

Acts 1988, No. 681, §1.  

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