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      RS 9:355.4     


§355.4.  Notice of proposed relocation of child; court authorization to relocate

A.  A person proposing relocation of a child's principal residence shall notify  any person recognized as a parent and any other person awarded custody or visitation under a court decree as required by R.S. 9:355.5.

B.  If multiple persons have equal physical custody of a child under a court decree, the person proposing relocation shall notify the other of a proposed relocation of the principal residence of the child as required by R.S. 9:355.5, and before relocation shall obtain either court authorization to relocate, after a contradictory hearing, or the express written consent of the other person.

Acts 1997, No. 1173, §1; Acts 2003, No. 1209, §1; Acts 2012, No. 627, §1.

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