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      CCRP 321     


Art. 321. Types of bail; restrictions

            A. The types of bail are:

            (1) Bail with a commercial surety.

            (2) Bail with a secured personal surety.

            (3) Bail with an unsecured personal surety.

            (4) Bail without surety.

            (5) Bail with a cash deposit.

            B. All bail must be posted in the full amount fixed by the court. When the court fixes the amount of bail, a secured bail undertaking may be satisfied by a commercial surety, a cash deposit, or with the court's approval, by a secured personal surety or a bail undertaking secured by the property of the defendant, or by any combination thereof. When the court elects to release the defendant on an unsecured personal surety or a bail without surety, that election shall be expressed in the bail order.

            C. Any defendant who has been arrested for any of the following offenses shall not be released on his personal undertaking or with an unsecured personal surety:

            (1) A crime of violence as defined by R.S. 14:2(B).

            (2) A felony offense, an element of which is the discharge, use, or possession of a firearm.

            (3) A sex offense as defined by R.S. 15:541 when the victim is under the age of thirteen at the time of commission of the offense and less than ten years have elapsed between the date of the commission of the current offense and the expiration of the maximum sentence of the previous conviction.

            (4) R.S. 14:32.1 (vehicular homicide).

            (5) R.S. 14:35.3 (domestic abuse battery) or R.S. 14:34.9 (battery of a dating partner).

            (6) R.S. 14:37.7 (domestic abuse aggravated assault) or R.S. 14:34.9.1 (aggravated assault upon a dating partner).

            (7) R.S. 14:40.3 (cyberstalking), if the person has two prior convictions for the same offense.

            (8) R.S. 14:44.2 (aggravated kidnapping of a child).

            (9) R.S. 14:46 (false imprisonment).

            (10) R.S. 14:46.1 (false imprisonment while the offender is armed with a dangerous weapon).

            (11) R.S. 14:87.1.1 (killing a child during delivery).

            (12) R.S. 14:87.2 (human experimentation on an infant born alive).

            (13) R.S. 14:93.3 (cruelty to persons with infirmities), if the person has a prior conviction for the same offense.

            (14) R.S. 14:98 (operating a vehicle while intoxicated), if the person has a prior conviction for the same offense.

            (15) R.S. 14:102.1(B) (aggravated cruelty to animals).

            (16) R.S. 14:102.8 (injuring or killing of a police animal).

            (17) R.S. 14:110.1 (jumping bail).

            (18) R.S. 14:110.1.1 (out-of-state bail jumping).

            (19) Violation of an order issued pursuant to R.S. 9:361 et seq., R.S. 9:372, R.S. 46:2131 et seq., R.S. 46:2151, Children's Code Article 1564 et seq., Code of Civil Procedure Articles 3604 and 3607.1, or Code of Criminal Procedure Articles 30, 320, and 871.1.

            (20) The production, manufacturing, distribution, or dispensing or the possession with the intent to produce, manufacture, distribute or dispense a controlled dangerous substance in violation of R.S. 40:966(B), 967(B), 968(B), 969(B), or 970(B) of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law.

            D. There shall be a presumption that any defendant who has either been arrested for a new felony offense or has at any time failed to appear in court on the underlying felony offense after having been notified in open court shall not be released on his own recognizance or on the signature of any other person. This presumption may be overcome after contradictory hearing in open court only if the judge determines by clear and convincing evidence that the relevant factors warrant this type of release.

            Amended by Acts 1979, No. 704, §1; Acts 1991, No. 102, §1; Acts 1992, No. 314, §1; Acts 1993, No. 834, §1, eff. June 22, 1993; Acts 2016, No. 613, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2017; Acts 2020, No. 246, §1.

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