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      RS 49:978.4     


§978.4. Small business economic impact statements; potpourri notices

            A.(1) Prior to the adoption of any proposed rule that may have an adverse impact on small businesses, each agency shall prepare a small business economic impact statement, that includes the following:

            (a) An identification and estimate of the number of the small businesses subject to the proposed rule.

            (b) The projected reporting, record keeping, and other administrative costs required for compliance with the proposed rule, including the type of professional skills necessary for preparation of the report or record.

            (c) A statement of the probable effect on impacted small businesses.

            (d) A description of any less intrusive or less costly alternative methods of achieving the purpose of the proposed rule.

             (2) The small business economic impact statement shall be submitted to the office of the state register pursuant to R.S. 49:953.

            B. If an agency determines, in its own judgment, that the input of small businesses and the public would be helpful in drafting a new proposed rule, the agency may issue a potpourri notice. If the agency issues a potpourri notice, it shall be submitted with the office of the state register.

            Acts 2008, No. 820, §1; Acts 2019, No. 204, §§1, 2, eff. Feb. 1, 2020.

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