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      RS 38:2211     



§2211. Definitions

            A. As used in this Chapter unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the following terms shall mean:

            (1) "Alternate" means an item on the bid form that may either increase or decrease the quantity of work or change the type of work within the scope of the project, material, or equipment specified in the bidding documents, or both.

            (2) "Bidding documents" means the bid notice, plans and specifications, bid form, bidding instructions, addenda, special provisions, and all other written instruments prepared by or on behalf of a public entity for use by prospective bidders on a public contract.

            (3)(a) "Change order" means any contract modification that includes an alteration, deviation, addition, or omission as to a preexisting public work contract, which authorizes an adjustment in the contract price, contract time, or an addition, deletion, or revision of work.

            (b) "Change order outside the scope of the contract" means a change order which alters the nature of the thing to be constructed or which is not an integral part of the project objective.

            (c) "Change order within the scope of the contract" means a change order which does not alter the nature of the thing to be constructed and which is an integral part of the project objective.

            (4) "Contractor" means any person or other legal entity who enters into a public contract.

            (5)(a) "Emergency" means an unforeseen mischance bringing with it destruction or injury of life or property or the imminent threat of such destruction or injury or as the result of an order from any judicial body to take any immediate action which requires construction or repairs absent compliance with the formalities of this Part, where the mischance or court order will not admit of the delay incident to advertising as provided in this Part. In regard to a municipally owned public utility, an emergency shall be deemed to exist and the public entity may negotiate as provided by R.S. 38:2212(P) for the purchase of fuel for the generation of its electric power where the public entity has first advertised for bids as provided by this Part but has failed to receive more than one bid.

            (b) An "extreme public emergency" means a catastrophic event which causes the loss of ability to obtain a quorum of the members necessary to certify the emergency prior to making the expenditure to acquire materials or supplies or to make repairs necessary for the protection of life, property, or continued function of the public entity.

            (6) "Licensed design professional" means the architect, landscape architect, or engineer who shall have the primary responsibility for the total design services performed in connection with a public works project. Such professional shall be licensed as appropriate and shall be registered under the laws of the state of Louisiana.

            (7) "Liquidated damages" means a fixed sum of damages stipulated in a public works construction contract that are intended to compensate a public entity as a result of a delay in performance by the contractor and may be assessed for a project not being substantially complete within the time provided for by the public works contract.

            (8)(a) "Louisiana resident contractor", for the purposes of this Part, includes any person, partnership, association, corporation, or other legal entity and is defined as one that either:

            (i) Is an individual who has been a resident of Louisiana for two years or more immediately prior to bidding on work,

            (ii) Is any partnership, association, corporation, or other legal entity whose majority interest is owned by and controlled by residents of Louisiana, or

            (iii) For two years prior to bidding has maintained a valid Louisiana contractor's license and has operated a permanent facility in the state of Louisiana and has not had a change in ownership or control throughout those two years.

            (b) For the purposes of Item (a)(ii) of this Paragraph, ownership percentages shall be determined on the basis of:

            (i) In the case of corporations, all common and preferred stock, whether voting or nonvoting, and all bonds, debentures, warrants, or other instruments convertible into common or preferred stock.

            (ii) In the case of partnerships, capital accounts together with any and all other capital advances, loans, bonds, debentures, whether or not convertible into capital accounts.

            (9) "Negotiate" means the process of making purchases and entering into contracts without formal advertising and public bidding with the intention of obtaining the best price and terms possible under the circumstances.

            (10) "Probable construction costs" means the estimate for the cost of the project as designed that is determined by the public entity or the designer.

            (11) "Public contract" or "contract" means any contract awarded by any public entity for the making of any public works or for the purchase of any materials or supplies.

            (12) "Public entity" means and includes the state of Louisiana, or any agency, board, commission, department, or public corporation of the state, created by the constitution or statute or pursuant thereto, or any political subdivision of the state, including but not limited to any political subdivision as defined in Article VI Section 44 of the Constitution of Louisiana, and any public housing authority, public school board, or any public officer whether or not an officer of a public corporation or political subdivision. "Public entity" shall not include a public body or officer where the particular transaction of the public body or officer is governed by the provisions of the model procurement code.

            (13) "Public work" means the erection, construction, alteration, improvement, or repair of any public facility or immovable property owned, used, or leased by a public entity.

            (14) "Working days", for the purposes of this Part, means the days Monday through Friday, excluding recognized holidays and declared emergencies.

            (15) "Written" or "in writing" means the product of any method of forming characters on paper, other materials, or viewable screen, which can be read, retrieved, and reproduced, including information that is electronically transmitted and stored.

            B. Unless clearly indicated otherwise, compliance with this Part required of any public entity shall be done by the governing authority of such public entity if it has a governing authority.

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