CHC 607     


Art. 607. Child's right to appointed counsel; payment

            A. The court shall appoint the entity designated for the jurisdiction by the Louisiana Supreme Court to provide qualified, independent counsel for the child in any order issued in accordance with Article 619(C) or 620 or at the time the order setting the first court hearing is signed. Neither the child nor anyone purporting to act on behalf of the child may be permitted to waive this right.

            B. The child shall be a party to the proceedings, and the attorney for the child shall have the authority to represent the child at all stages of the proceedings. The attorney for the child shall have the authority to take actions, including but not limited to the following:

            (1) Accompany the child and be present for all court appearances, school hearings, and educational and other meetings related to the child.

            (2) View and copy the child's medical, dental, psychological, psychiatric, educational, or counseling records.

            C. If the court finds that the parents of the child are financially able, the court may order the parents to pay some or all of the costs of the child's representation in accordance with Articles 320 and 321.

            D. In any dispositional or postdispositional hearing which may result in the mental health institutionalization of a child who is in the custody of the state, the child shall be entitled to representation by an attorney appointed by the Mental Health Advocacy Service, unless unavailable as determined by the director.

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