RS 33:2533     

§2533. Definitions

            The following words and phrases, when used in this Part, shall have the following meaning unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

            1. "Allocation" means the official determination of the class to which a position in the classified service belongs.

            2. "Appointing authority" means any official, officer, board, commission, council or person having the power to make appointments to positions in the municipal, parish or fire protection district fire service.

            3. "Appointment" means the designation of a person, by due authority, to become an employee in a position, and his induction into employment in the position.

            4. "Board" means the municipal, parish, or fire protection district fire and police civil service board.

            5. "Class" or "class of position" means a definitely recognized kind of employment in the classified service, designated to embrace positions that are so nearly alike in the essential character of their duties, responsibilities and consequent qualification requirements that they may fairly and equitably be treated alike under like conditions for all personnel purposes.

            6. "Classification plan" means all the classes of positions established for the classified service.

            7. "Classified service" means every appointive office and position of trust or employment in the municipal government, parish government, or fire protection district government which has as its primary duty one of the functions specifically set forth to be included in the classified service by the provisions of this Part; and excludes all elective and appointive offices and positions of trust or employment which have a primary duty specifically set forth to be included in the unclassified service by the provisions of this Part.

            8. "Demotion" means a change of an employee in the classified service from a position of one class to a position of a lower class which generally involves less responsibility and provides less pay.

            9. "Department service" means employment in the public service offered and performed separately by the fire or police department of the municipality, parish or fire protection district.

            10. "Eligible" means a person whose name is on a list.

            11. "Employee" means a person legally occupying a position.

            12. "Employment list" or "lists" means a reinstatement employment list, a promotional employment list, a competitive employment list and a re-employment list.

            13. "Position" means any office or employment in the municipal, parish or fire protection district, fire or police service, the duties of which call for services to be rendered by one person.

            14. "Promotion" means a change of an employee in the classified service from a position of one class to a position of a higher class which generally involves increased responsibilities and provides increased pay.

            15. "Promotion employment list" or "promotion list" means an employment list, containing the names of eligible persons established from the results of promotion tests given for a particular class of positions; which is not specifically required by this Part to be established from the results of a competitive test.

            16. "Promotion test" means a test for positions in a particular class which are not specifically required by this Part to be filled by competitive tests, admission to which is limited to regular employees of the next lower class, or the next lower classes when authorized by the rules, in the classified service.

            17. "Re-employment list" means an employment list for the entrance or lowest ranking class in the classified service, or any group of classes that may be grouped in the classification plan, containing names of regular employees who have been laid off under the "lay off" provisions of this Part. This list shall not be applicable to persons who have resigned or have been discharged.

            18. "Regular employee" or "permanent employee" means an employee who has been appointed to a position in the classified service in accordance with this Part after completing his working test period.

            19. "Regular paid and regularly paid department" means any fire or police department in any municipality, parish, or fire protection district that employs personnel in positions of the classified service as defined in this Section and compensates such personnel at regular intervals.

            20. "Reinstatement employment list" or "reinstatement list" means an employment list containing names of persons eligible for reinstatement in positions of a class from which they have been demoted for reasons other than disciplinary action.

            21. "Seniority" means the following:

            (a) "Departmental seniority" means the total employment computed for an employee beginning with the last date on which he was regularly and permanently appointed and has worked continuously, to and including the date of computation. Time during which an employee has served in the armed forces of the United States subsequent to May 1, 1940, shall be construed to mean continuous service and shall be included in the computation of his seniority. Total departmental seniority in the departmental service, including positions of any and all classes, or seniority in any one or more given classes, may be computed for an employee, but in either case employment shall be continuous and unbroken by a resignation or discharge of the respective employee. An employee who is finally discharged or resigns from his position shall forfeit all accumulated departmental seniority. An employee who is suspended and returns to his position immediately following the expiration of his suspension shall not forfeit his departmental seniority accumulated to the date of his suspension, but he shall not be given credit for the lost time at any future compensation.

            (b) "Promotional seniority" means the total cumulative employment in a class of positions of the next lower class from which a promotion is to be made. Employment counted toward seniority in the next lower class shall include the aggregate of all temporary appointments, the working test period, and employment as a regular and permanent employee in the class less the aggregate of suspensions without pay while serving in a position of the class. The appointing authority shall maintain accurate records of appointments and suspensions and shall report such appointments and suspensions to the board in strict compliance with R.S. 33:2563.

            22. "Temporary appointment" means the appointment of an employee for limited period of service without acquisition by the appointee of any continuing right to be retained beyond such period.

            Acts 1964, No. 282, §1. Amended by Acts 1965, No. 146, §1; Acts 2016, No. 285, §1; Acts 2016, No. 668, §1, eff. June 17, 2016.