RS 40:1133.7     

§1133.7. Grounds for disciplinary proceedings

            The commission may discipline emergency medical services practitioners by directing the bureau to deny, withhold, revoke, restrict, probate, or suspend a license to practice as an emergency medical services practitioner, impose fines and assess costs, or otherwise discipline an emergency medical services practitioner, and the commission may direct the bureau to limit, restrict, or deny a student emergency medical services practitioner from entering or continuing the clinical phase of EMS education for the following causes:

            (1) Conviction of selling or attempting to sell, falsely obtaining, or furnishing to a person a licensed emergency medical services practitioner document.

            (2) Conviction of a crime or offense which reflects the inability of an emergency medical services practitioner to provide emergency medical services with due regard for the health and safety of clients or patients or enters a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to a criminal charge regardless of final disposition of the criminal proceeding, including but not limited to expungement or nonadjudication.

            (3) Is unfit or incompetent by reason of negligence, habit, or other cause.

            (4) Is habitually intemperate in the use of or abuses alcohol or habit-forming drugs.

            (5) Is guilty of aiding or abetting another person in the violation of this Part.

            (6) Is mentally incompetent.

            (7) Endeavors to deceive or defraud the public.

            (8) Professional or medical incompetency.

            (9) Unprofessional conduct.

            (10) Continuing or recurring practices which fail to meet the standards of EMS care in this state.

            (11) Abandonment of a patient.

            (12) Has had a certification or license to practice as an emergency medical services practitioner or to practice as another health care provider denied, revoked, suspended, or otherwise restricted.

            (13) Is guilty of moral turpitude.

            (14) Has violated any rules and regulations of the commission or the bureau or any provision of this Part.

            (15) Intentional falsification of any document related to license, emergency medical services education, or related to the care of the patient.

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