RS 40:2115.18     

§2115.18.  Additional criteria for decision; attorney general

In making a decision whether to approve or disapprove an application, the attorney general shall also determine whether the acquisition affects the continued existence of accessible, affordable health care facilities that are responsive to the needs of the community.  In making this determination, the attorney general shall consider:

(1)  Whether sufficient safeguards are included to assure the affected community continued access to affordable care.

(2)  Whether the purchaser and parties to the acquisition have made a commitment, at least comparable to the seller, to provide health care to the disadvantaged, the uninsured, and the underinsured and to provide benefits to the affected community to promote improved health care.  Activities and funding provided by the seller or its successor nonprofit corporation or foundation to provide such health care or to provide support or medical education and teaching programs or medical research programs shall be considered in evaluating compliance with this commitment.

(3)  If health care providers will be offered the opportunity to invest or own an interest in the purchaser or a related entity to the purchaser, whether procedures or safeguards are in place to avoid conflict of interest in patient referral and the nature of such procedures or safeguards.

Acts 1997, No. 1371, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1998.