CCRP 535     

Art. 535.  Time to file motion to quash

A.  A motion to quash may be filed of right at any time before commencement of the trial, when based on the ground that:

(1)  The offense charged is not punishable under a valid statute;

(2)  The indictment does not conform with the requirements of Chapters 1 and 2 of Title XIII;

(3)  Trial for the offense charged would constitute double jeopardy;

(4)  The time limitation for the institution of prosecution has expired;

(5)  The court has no jurisdiction of the offense charged; or

(6)  The information charges an offense for which prosecution can be instituted only by a grand jury indictment.

(7)  The individual charged with a violation of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law has a valid prescription for that substance.

These grounds may be urged at a later stage of the proceedings in accordance with other provisions of this Code.

B.  A motion to quash on the ground that the time limitation for commencement of trial has expired may be filed at any time before commencement of trial.

C.  A motion to quash on grounds other than those stated in Paragraphs A and B of this Article shall be filed in accordance with Article 521.

D.  The grounds for a motion to quash under Paragraphs B and C are waived unless a motion to quash is filed in conformity with those provisions.

E.  The court may, in order to avoid a continuance, defer a hearing on a motion to quash until the end of the trial.

Amended by Acts 1978, No. 735, §2; Acts 2009, No. 265, §2.