CONST 5 10     

§10.  Courts of Appeal; Jurisdiction

Section 10.(A)  Jurisdiction.  Except as otherwise provided by this constitution, a court of appeal has appellate jurisdiction of (1) all civil matters, including direct review of administrative agency determinations in worker's compensation matters as heretofore or hereafter provided by law, (2) all matters appealed from family and juvenile courts, and (3) all criminal cases triable by a jury, except as provided in Section 5, Paragraph (D)(2) of this Article.  It has supervisory jurisdiction over cases which arise within its circuit.

(B)  Scope of Review.  Except as limited to questions of law by this constitution, or as provided by law in the review of administrative agency determinations, appellate jurisdiction of a court of appeal extends to law and facts.  In the review of an administrative agency determination in a worker's compensation matter, a court of appeal may render judgment as provided by law, or, in the interest of justice, remand the matter to the administrative agency for further proceedings.  In criminal cases its appellate jurisdiction extends only to questions of law.

(C)  Other Criminal Matters.  In all criminal cases not provided for in Paragraph (D)(2) or Paragraph (E) of Section 5 or Paragraph (A)(3) of this Section, a defendant has a right of appeal or review, as provided by law.

Amended by Acts 1980, No. 843, §1, approved Nov. 4, 1980, eff. July 1, 1982; Acts 1990, No. 1098, §1, approved Oct. 6, 1990, eff. Nov. 8, 1990.