RS 23:1200.6     

§1200.6.  Examination of group self-insurance fund for workers' compensation program

A.  The commissioner of insurance shall make an examination, not less frequently than once every five years, of all group self-insurance funds established pursuant to this Subpart doing business in this state and at any other time when in the opinion of the commissioner it is necessary for such an examination to be made.

B.  Upon determining that an examination should be conducted, the commissioner shall appoint one or more examiners to perform the examination and instruct them as to the scope of the examination. In conducting the examination, the examiner or examiners shall observe those guidelines and procedures as the commissioner may deem appropriate.

C.  Nothing contained in this Part shall be construed to limit the commissioner's authority to use any final or preliminary examination report, any examiner or fund work papers or other documents, or any other information discovered or developed during the course of any examination in the furtherance of any legal or regulatory action which the commissioner may, in his sole discretion, deem appropriate.

D.  Nothing contained in this Part shall be construed to limit the authority of the commissioner to terminate or suspend any examination in order to pursue other legal or regulatory action pursuant to the applicable laws of this state.  Findings of fact and conclusions made pursuant to any examination shall be prima facie evidence in any legal or regulatory action.

Acts 2010, No. 794, §2.