RS 17:221.3     

§221.3.  Student enrollment notification; required schools and programs; content

A.  To provide for accurate student enrollment data, procedures accounting for the enrollment of certain students in schools or programs other than city or parish public schools shall be implemented as required in this Section.

B.(1)  Every private school approved pursuant to R.S. 17:11, every nonapproved private school, and every publicly funded adult education program shall provide a written notification of enrollment for every student, as required in this Section, who had attended a public school immediately prior to their enrollment in the private school or adult education program.

(2)  Such notification shall:

(a)  Be provided for a student who has withdrawn from a public school during a given school year, as well as for a student who had attended a public school at the end of the previous school year and enrolled in a private school or adult education program the following school year.

(b)  Be provided only for a student age twenty-one or younger who attended public school in grades kindergarten through twelve immediately prior to the enrollment of such student in the schools or programs required in this Subsection to provide written notice, and who had not completed twelfth grade.

(c)  Be provided directly to the public school that each student had attended immediately prior to enrollment.

(d)  Be a written notification of enrollment which may be a written request for a student's transcript if such transcript request occurs after the student has been accepted for enrollment, with such written request or notification containing at a minimum the student's legal name, date of birth, gender, and race.

(e)  Occur within ten days of the enrollment of such student.

C.  Each public school which receives a transcript request or written notice of enrollment shall immediately notify appropriate entities within their city or parish school system to ensure the accurate recording of such information within that system's student information system.

D.  As prescribed in R.S. 17:232(D), each city or parish school system may also directly contact any of the schools or programs required by this Section to provide written notice regarding any students known or suspected to be enrolled in such schools or programs, and for which appropriate notification had not been received.  Such schools or programs shall provide within ten days the enrollment status of the students in question.

Acts 1999, No. 408, §1.