RS 23:1037     

§1037.  Employees of railroads in interstate or foreign commerce; vessels in interstate or foreign commerce

This Chapter shall not apply to any employer acting as a common carrier while engaged in interstate or foreign commerce by railroad, where the employee of such common carrier was injured or killed while so employed; but if the injury or death of an employee of a railroad occurs while the employer and employee are both engaged and employed at the time in an intrastate operation or movement not controlled or governed by the laws, rule of liability, or method of compensation which has been or may be established by the Congress of the United States, then this Chapter shall govern and compensation shall be recovered hereunder; but nothing in this Chapter shall be construed to apply to any work done on, nor shall any compensation be payable to the master, officers or members of the crew of, any vessel used in interstate or foreign commerce not registered or enrolled in the State of Louisiana.