RS 23:1170     

§1170. Penalty for failure to secure workers' compensation insurance; assessment and collection

            A. In addition to any other penalty prescribed by law, any employer who fails to secure compensation required by R.S. 23:1168 shall be liable for a civil penalty, to be assessed by the workers' compensation judge, of not more than two hundred fifty dollars per employee for a first offense, and liable for a civil penalty of not more than five hundred dollars per employee for a second or subsequent offense; however, the maximum civil penalty for a first offense shall not exceed ten thousand dollars for all related series of violations. All civil penalties collected shall be deposited in the Office of Workers' Compensation Administrative Fund established in R.S. 23:1291.1(E).

            B. The workers' compensation judge shall assess any civil penalty incurred under Subsection A of this Section against any employer who fails to provide proof of compliance within fifteen days of any notice. Any penalty assessed and collected pursuant to this Section shall be forwarded to the fraud administrator for collection. In his discretion, the fraud administrator may remit, mitigate, or negotiate the penalty if proof of the mitigating circumstances is provided within fifteen days of notice of the assessment. In determining the amount of the penalty to be assessed, or the amount agreed upon in any negotiation, consideration shall be given to the appropriateness of such penalty in light of the life of the business of the employer charged, the gravity of the violation, and the extent to which the employer charged has complied with the provisions of R.S. 23:1168, or has otherwise attempted to remedy the consequences of the said violation. Individual proceedings shall be conducted pursuant to the provisions of R.S. 23:1171.

            C. In addition to any penalties assessed in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter, the workers' compensation judge shall order the employer to provide proof of compliance with R.S. 23:1168 within forty-five days of the order.

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            NOTE: See Acts 2018, No. 612 and Acts 2019, No. 404 providing for the effects of the conversion of certain dedicated funds to special statutorily dedicated fund accounts.