RS 23:2021     


§2021.  Equal Pay Commission; creation; purposes

A.  There is hereby created the Equal Pay Commission, hereafter referred to as the "commission".

B.  The purpose of the commission is to serve as a collaborative working group to make a full and complete study of:

(1)  The extent of wage disparities, in both the public and private sector, between men and women, and between minorities and non-minorities.

(2)  Those factors which cause, or which tend to cause, such disparities, including segregation of women and men, and of minorities and non-minorities across and within occupations; payment of lower wages for occupations traditionally dominated by women and minorities; child-rearing responsibilities; and education and training.

(3)  The consequences of such disparities on the economy and on affected families.

(4)  Actions, including proposed legislation, that are likely to lead to the elimination and prevention of such disparities.

Acts 2004, No. 795, §1.