RS 23:2063     

§2063. Strategic plan

            A.(1) The council shall develop, prepare, adopt, and submit to the governor a comprehensive state combined plan that establishes strategic goals, objectives, and measures that provide direction for the provision of services and coordination of resources by the state's workforce development delivery system. The plan shall establish benchmarks for each measure and shall provide recommended strategies for implementation by state agencies and private entities. The combined plan shall be updated on a biennial basis.

            (2) On approval of the plan by the governor, each agency shall submit an annual action plan to the council on how it intends to implement its workforce development programs in accordance with the strategic plan.

            (3) Each agency shall report to the council at least once a year on its activities toward meeting the benchmarks established in the plan.

            (4) The council shall provide an annual report to the governor on the state's progress and submit any recommendations for improvement.

            B. If the combined plan is inconsistent with any federal or state law, rule, or regulation, or if there is a constitutional limitation, restriction, or prohibition, the affected agency shall immediately notify the council, in writing, of the conflict, together with a notice of that exception, an explanation of the conflict, and a recommendation for how to implement such plan or measure so as to avoid the conflict.

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