RS 38:2255     

§2255.  Printing contracts; bids

To better facilitate the collection of sales taxes and other taxes in the purchase of printing, lithographing, embossing, engraving, binding, record books, printed supplies, stationery and office supplies and equipment, every board, district, commission, department, institution, or the purchasing agent thereof, and all officers and officials of the state and all parishes, municipalities and political subdivisions thereof, shall purchase the same from Louisiana firms and all printing, lithographing, embossing, engraving, and binding in connection therewith shall be done in the State of Louisiana by Louisiana firms and by Louisiana labor, and all bonds, if required, given by contractors for such printing, lithographing, embossing, binding, record books, printed supplies, stationery and office supplies and equipment shall so state; provided, however, that where the purchase is of certain specialized forms and printing, such as continuous forms, margin punched forms, football tickets, 24 sheet poster, music printing, steel dye and lithographed bonds, decalcomanias, revenue stamps, lithographing and bronzing on acetate, college annuals, fine edition binding, and books, this statute shall not apply.  

Except as to specialized forms hereinabove provided, such contracts shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder who is a Louisiana firm, who will comply with the terms of this statute, unless the bid submitted by any firm outside the State of Louisiana is at least three per cent lower than the lowest bid submitted by a Louisiana firm.  If, for any reason, the purchaser shall be of the opinion that the public interest will be promoted thereby, it may, at any proposed letting of any of said contracts, reject any and all bids and invite new proposals.  

Added by Acts 1958, No. 318, §5.  Amended by Acts 1960, No. 502, §1.