RS 4:76     

§76.  Shamming or faking by contestants

Any contestant who is guilty of a sham or fake boxing contest or mixed technique event shall for the first offense be suspended immediately for a period of six months from participation in any contest in this state and for the second offense shall be totally disqualified from further participation in any contest given by any club licensed for that purpose.  The referee, after warning three times the contestant he believes to be shamming or faking, shall disqualify the contestant and award the decision to the opposing contestant and shall, moreover, prefer charges against the disqualified contestant before the commission.  In such event, the club shall turn over to the secretary of the commission all monies payable to the disqualified contestant.  If the referee believes both contestants to be shamming, he shall, after warning both contestants three times, disqualify them and call the event "no contest", and prefer charges before the commission against both contestants.  In such cases the club shall refund to all persons in exchange for their seat coupons sixty percent of the face value of such coupons if the contest declared "no contest" is that scheduled and advertised as the main event and feature attraction, but the tax levied under this Chapter shall be paid to the commission as in all other contests or exhibitions, and the balance shall be retained by the club to cover its expenses in promoting the contest or exhibition.  Participants in a professional wrestling event are exempt from the provisions of this Section.

Acts 1974, No. 553, §1; Acts 2007, No. 90, §1.