NGO Funding Request

The recipient entity's full legal name:  Covenant House New Orleans

The recipient entity's physical address:
           611 North Rampart Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

The recipient entity's mailing address (if different):
           611 North Rampart Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

Type of Entity (for instance, a nonprofit corporation):  Non-Profit Corporation

If the entity is a corporation, list the names of the incorporators:
          Covenant House

The last four digits of the entity's taxpayer ID number:  9937

What is the dollar amount of the request?  $300,000

What type of request is this?  General Appropriation

Is this entity in good standing with the Secretary of State?  Yes

Provide the name of each member of the recipient entity's governing board and officers:
           Deidre Hayes, DSW, BCD, LCSW-BACS (CHAIR)
612 Moss Street
New Orleans, LA 70119

David Krebs
7211 Ring St
New Orleans, LA 70124

Catherine “Cappy” Culicchia
316 Cuddihy Dr
Metairie, LA 70005

Christy Ross
4532 S Rocheblave St
New Orleans, LA 70125

Derrick O. Martin
3708 Post Oak Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70131

Eric Alexander
5511 Warrington Dr.
New Orleans, LA 70122

Michele Fontenot
1768 Lafreniere St.
New Orleans, LA 70122

Gregor Fox
1239 First St.
New Orleans, LA 70130

Heather Millican Doyle
416 Rosa Avenue
Metairie, LA 70005

Linda Gray
1124 Louisiana Ave Apt D New Orleans, LA
70115-2455 ,

Karyn Kearney
34 Forest Oaks Dr
New Orleans, LA 70131

Luis C. Zervigon (Finance Chair) CAPTRUST
1100 Poydras St Ste 1350
New Orleans, LA 70163

Dr. Marc Bear
1422 Jackson Ave
New Orleans, LA 70130

Michael Carter
200 St Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70130-2997

Judge Paula Brown
3724 Clermont Dr
New Orleans, LA 70122

Peter Wilson Jr.
389 Broadway St
New Orleans, LA 70118

Tenisha T. Stevens
1300 Perdido Street, Suite 8w03
New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

Thelma French
2222 Dublin St.
New Orleans, LA 70118

Toni Mobley
175 Lighthouse Point
Slidell, LA 70458

Rheneisha Robertson, CEO (Secretary)
611 N Rampart St
New Orleans, LA 70112

Shawne Favre, CFO (Treasurer)
611 N Rampart St
New Orleans, LA 70112

Maya Wyche, COO
611 North Rampart Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

Provide a summary of the project or program:
           Covenant House New Orleans (CHNO) has met the needs of unhoused at-risk youth and children for over 35 years, helping them to heal from complex trauma, achieve financial stability and build independence. As the only 24/7 open intake emergency shelter for youth in the state of Louisiana, CHNO provides the community with a vital resource. We are requesting funding to continue providing lifesaving services and resources to help youth experiencing homelessness address their basic needs.

Our work has grown significantly over the years; last year, 641 youth were served in our residential programs, providing over 60,668 nights of housing; on average, 166 youth slept in a Covenant House bed each night.CHNO provides immediate crisis interventions, safe shelter and comprehensive care to all youth, ages 16-22, with specialized programs and services for young families (mothers with children) and those individuals with an experience of domestic violence, sexual assault or human trafficking. Our successful program provides access to services and resources for unhoused youth to personalize a path out of poverty. With safe and stable housing provided by CHNO, youth can advance their education, enroll in workforce development or skills attainment programs to improve their income potential, while improving their behavioral health and developing skills to promote self-sufficiency.

CHNO’s innovative approach goes far beyond safe shelter and provides solutions to prevent cyclical, intergenerational instability and trauma that often contribute to chronic homelessness. Most CHNO residents have experienced serious, traumatic experiences that lead to their homelessness (family instability, extreme poverty, domestic violence, substance use). Most have faced enormous obstacles which are further exacerbated by chronic housing instability. The programs and services provided by CHNO reduce the likelihood a youth will face a life of marked poverty, struggle, and adult homelessness. According to Unity of Greater New Orleans, in 2023 the number of people living on the street has spiked 15%. CHNO’s on-campus residential programs are currently bursting at the seams with 141% of occupancy.

Once a youth makes the decision to come in, CHNO provides emergency crisis care, intake and assessment, and options for residential care, along with support services delivered through a positive youth development framework. Besides safe shelter, residents receive medical and behavioral healthcare, education & job-training programs, substance-use treatment & prevention, programs for young families, life-skills workshops and so much more. Together with their case manager, youth form an individualized case plan with objectives designed to help move their lives forward. CHNO’s team of professional counselors and staff help residents overcome barriers and access resources and services to personalize a path out of poverty to self-sufficiency.

The goal is for every youth to have safe and stable housing, enough food to eat, and the opportunity to reach their full potential during and beyond their time with CHNO. On-site professional counselors deliver evidence-based, trauma-informed therapy tailored to the unique needs of each of resident. Residents have access to both individual and group counseling sessions, substance use counseling and therapeutic supports, and wellness activities designed to improve coping skills and reduce anxiety/depression and stress levels.
All services at CHNO are free to youth and are rooted in affirming the value and dignity of all. The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness lists the most critical core outcomes for homeless youth as: stable housing, permanent connections, education and employment, and social-emotional well-being. CHNO offers evidence-based and trauma-informed programs that align with these core outcomes and deliver safe, cost-effective solutions for ending youth homelessness and generational poverty.

What is the budget relative to the project for which funding is requested?:
          Salaries. . . . . . . . . . . . . $200,000
          Professional Services. . . $0
          Contracts . . . . . . . . . . . $0
          Acquisitions . . . . . . . . . $0
          Major Repairs . . . . . . . $0
          Operating Services. . . . $100,000
          Other Charges. . . . . . . $0

Does your organization have any outstanding audit issues or findings?  No

If 'Yes' is your organization working with the appropriate governmental agencies to resolve those issues or findings?

What is the entity's public purpose, sought to be achieved through the use of state monies?
          Covenant House serves young people facing homelessness and trafficking by providing relentless support, absolute respect, and unconditional love. Since 1987, we have served over 35,000 youth, offering food, emergency shelter, clothing, medical attention, individual & family counseling, educational assistance, vocational & job training services, life skills, short & long term housing, and so much more. In the past 10 years, our average daily census has increased from 45 to 166 kids each night.

Youth homelessness is dangerous for young people, and weakens the fabric and viability of the community, putting a strain on critical resources. The nearly 700 youth CHNO provided with residential services equaling 600,668 nights of safe shelter last year were protected from the consequences of homelessness which bring despair to youth in the form of mental health problems (with suicide being the leading cause of death for unhoused youth), substance use, victimization and criminal activity, unsafe practices, and barriers to education and employment, consequences that can have impacts well into adulthood, including chronic adult homelessness and the creation or continuation of a cycle of poverty and homelessness for their children.

What are the goals and objectives for achieving such purpose?
          Our goal is to ensure every youth we encounter has safe and stable housing, food security, and the opportunity to reach their full potential during and beyond their time with CHNO. Providing safe shelter is foundational to our mission and intensive, trauma-informed case management is the gatekeeper for all services provided to the youth we serve. By the end of the proposed period of funding CHNO will:
1. Serve a minimum of 650 youth, ages 16-22, with residential services.
2. Provide 55,000 nights of safe shelter across all residential programs;
4. Conduct 800 total on-campus wellness visits (physical and/or behavioral health)
5. Provide 70,000 meals to youth engaged through CHNO programs.
6. Connect 70% of the youth enrolled in services with employment, education and vocational program, and/or on-site job training and readiness program

What is the proposed length of time estimated by the entity to accomplish the purpose?
           12 months

If any elected or appointed state official or an immediate family member of such an official is an officer, director, trustee, or employee of the recipient entity who receives compensation or holds any ownership interest therein:
     (a) If an elected or appointed state official, the name and address of the official and the office held by such person:
     (b) If an immediate family member of an elected or appointed state official, the name and address of such person; the name, address, and office of the official to whom the person is related; and the nature of the relationship:

     (c) The percentage of the official's or immediate family member's ownership interest in the recipient entity, if any:

     (d) The position, if any, held by the official or immediate family member in the recipient entity:

If the recipient entity has a contract with any elected or appointed state official or an immediate family member of such an official or with the state or any political subdivision of the state:
(a) If the contract is with an elected or appointed state official, provide the name and address of the official and the office held by such person: 

(b) If the contract is with an immediate family member of an elected or appointed state official:
          Provide the name and address of such person:

          Provide the name, address, and office of the official to whom the person is related:

          What is the nature of the relationship? 

(c) If the contract is with the state or a political subdivision of the state, provide the name and address of the state entity or political subdivision of the state:

(d) The nature of the contract, including a description of the goods or services provided or to be provided pursuant to the contract:

Contact Information
name:  Rheneisha Robertson 
                                       address:  611 North Rampart Street
New Orleans, LA

                                       phone:  504-377-6006
                                       fax:  504-584-1171
                                       relationship to entity:  CEO