House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice
May 1, 2019
9:00 a.m.
Room 6


  BLUE = already considered.   RED = currently being considered.   BLACK = not yet considered.
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 HB6JENKINSCRIME - Creates the crime of aggressive driving and provides for the elements and penalties of the offense
 HB45TALBOTCRIME - Provides for fines associated with selling vapor products to persons under the age of 18 (RE INCREASE SG RV See Note)
 HB47JENKINSCRIMINAL/PENALTIES - Provides relative to the crime of improper supervision of a minor by a parent or legal custodian (EN SEE FISC NOTE LF EX See Note)
 HB65JAMESJURY DUTY - Provides relative to qualifications of jurors
 HB101HARRISWEAPONS/FIREARMS - Provides for the creation of the "Louisiana Voluntary Do Not Sell List" (OR INCREASE GF EX See Note)
 HB138CONNICKCONTROLLED SUBSTANCES - Provides relative to certain substances in the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law
 HB139DWIGHTCRIMINAL/RECORDS - Provides relative to fees for processing background check requests (EN SEE FISC NOTE SG RV See Note)
 HB140HODGESCRIME - Creates the crime of terrorizing of a judge or law enforcement officer (OR SEE FISC NOTE GF EX)
 HB149MARINOPAROLE - Provides relative to various provisions affecting parole (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB162CONNICKSEX OFFENSE/REGISTRY - Provides relative to the administration of medroxyprogesterone acetate to sex offenders
 HB168HODGESCRIME - Amends the crime of filing or maintaining false public records
 HB185HILFERTYCRIME - Provides relative to the registration of persons convicted of terrorism offenses and offenses against peace officers (EG1 +$65,000 GF EX See Note)
 HB235AMEDEECRIME - Provides relative to justifiable use of force or violence in defense at a place of worship
 HB258MUSCARELLOPUBLIC RECORDS - Provides for the confidentiality of identifying information of certain persons or entities involved in the execution of a death sentence (EG SEE FISC NOTE GF EX)
 HB279MARINODOMESTIC ABUSE - Provides relative to the transfer of firearms of persons who are prohibited from possessing a firearm in domestic abuse cases
 HB281MIGUEZWEAPONS/FIREARMS - Provides relative to preemption of state law for firearms
 HB307MIKE JOHNSONCRIME - Provides relative to bribery and intimidation of public officials and law enforcement officers (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB351CARPENTERCRIMINAL/SENTENCING - Provides relative to pleas of guilty or nolo contendere in felony cases
 HB359MIKE JOHNSONCRIME - Provides relative to the crime of looting (EN NO IMPACT GF EX See Note)
 HB376HUVALCRIMINAL/PROCEDURE - Provides relative to sentencing when a defendant possessed, used, or discharged a firearm in the commission of certain offenses
 HB452TURNERCONTROLLED SUBSTANCES - Provides relative to the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law
 HB478BAGLEYWEAPONS/FIREARMS - Authorizes a family member of a law enforcement officer to purchase his duty firearm upon death
 HB483GARY CARTERWEAPONS/FIREARMS - Provides for the seizure of firearms from persons who pose a risk of imminent injury to self or others
 HB492LARVADAINCRIMINAL/PROCEDURE - Provides relative to the compensation of persons wrongfully convicted (EN +$543,989 SD EX See Note)