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Red River Parish Port Commission

c/o Stuart Shaw
P. O. Box 1270
Coushatta, LA 71019

(318) 932-6741

R.S. 34:3166

MemberAddressSeat Information
Dill, Joseph A.361 Westdale Plantation Road
Shreveport, LA 71115-9465
Appt by Gov, At-Large
Drake, PeterP. O. Box 908
Coushatta, LA 71019
Rep Town of Coushatta
Moseley, Robbie D.6635 Hwy 783
Coushatta, LA 71019-5619
Appt by Gov, At-Large
Perkins, John W.607 River Front Road
Coushatta, LA 71019-8829
Appt by Red River Par Police Jury
Shaw, Stuart R.Rt. 3, Box 2789
Coushatta, LA 71019
Appt by Town of Coushatta, Sec-Treas.
Taylor, Joe F.P. O. Box 591
Coushatta, LA 71019
Appt by Gov; At-Large
Waltman, William F. Sr.554 Yearwood Road
Shreveport, LA 71115-9472
Appt by Red River Parish Police Jury

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