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      RS 9:1515     


§1515.  Payment to surviving spouse or children of deceased; last wages due by employers

A.  Any employer may pay to the surviving spouse of a deceased employee any wages, sick leave, annual leave, or other benefits due to a deceased employee, provided neither spouse has instituted a divorce proceeding.  In the event the deceased employee leaves no surviving spouse or if either spouse has instituted a divorce proceeding, the employer may pay the last wages and other benefits to any major child of the deceased employee.

B.  Before making such payment to the person requesting same, the employer shall require such person to execute an instrument before two witnesses which shall give the name, address, date and place of death of the deceased employee, the relationship of the person requesting payment to said employee, the name and address of the surviving spouse, or children, if any, of said deceased employee and such other information as the employer may require.

C.  The employer may make the payments referred to in this Section, without any court proceedings, order, or judgment authorizing the same and without determining whether or not any inheritance taxes may be due or whether the funds belong to the separate estate of decedent or to the community which existed between the decedent and the surviving spouse, but only if the employer forwards an affidavit stating the name of the deceased, the amount paid, the name of the recipient, and a copy of the release document substantiating the release to the secretary of the Department of Revenue within ten calendar days of the release of the funds.

D.  The execution of the instrument referred to in Subsection B and the receipt of such person for such payment shall constitute a full release and discharge of the employer for the amount paid and for all inheritance taxes which may be determined to be due.  No person natural or juridical shall have any right or cause of action against such employer because of such payment.  R.S. 47:2410 does not apply in such cases.

E.  The term "employer" as used in this Section includes the state and any of its political subdivisions which employed such deceased employee and owed him any wages, sick leave, annual leave, or other employment benefits at the time of death.

Added by Acts 1968, No. 253, §1.  Amended by Acts 1974, No. 152, §1; Acts 1978, No. 96, §1; Acts 1992, No. 604, §1; Acts 1997, No. 658, §2; Acts 2005, No. 24, §1, eff. June 9, 2005.

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