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      RS 23:1019.3     


§1019.3. Questionnaire

            A. Before hiring an employee or independent contractor, the operator shall require the potential employee or independent contractor to submit in writing answers to a questionnaire which includes all of the following questions:

            (1) Is your freedom of movement restricted?

            (2) How do you learn about job opportunities?

            (3) Did you come to this country for a specific job that you were promised?

            (4) To what forms of media or telecommunication do you have access?

            (5) Do you or does someone else retain your identification documents?

            (6) Were you provided with false documents or identification?

            (7) How was payment for your travel handled?

            (8) Do you owe your employer any money?

            B. After the questionnaire is complete, the potential employee or independent contractor shall sign affirming the accuracy of the answers and the operator shall sign to acknowledge receipt. The operator shall retain a copy of the questionnaire for his records in a locked or otherwise secure location for at least three years after the last day of the employee's or independent contractor's work with the sexually oriented business.

            C. The Louisiana Workforce Commission shall prepare a standard form questionnaire to implement the provisions of this Section.

            Acts 2018, No. 703, §1.

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