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      RS 23:1019.6     


§1019.6. Enforcement; penalties

            A.(1) The secretary of the Louisiana Workforce Commission, the commissioner of alcoholic beverage control of the office of alcohol and tobacco control within the Louisiana Department of Revenue, or a law enforcement agency of the state or its political subdivisions with appropriate jurisdiction may conduct an investigation as necessary to ensure enforcement of this Part.

            (2) Upon a determination that any operator has violated, neglected, or refused to comply with any provision of this Part, the secretary, the commissioner of alcoholic beverage control, or a law enforcement officer representing an agency with appropriate jurisdiction may notify the attorney general who may pursue civil charges against the operator in the Nineteenth Judicial District Court.

            B. If the court finds an operator to be in violation of the provisions of this Part, the court shall issue penalties as follows:

            (1) For a first violation, a fine of one thousand dollars.

            (2) For a second violation, a fine of five thousand dollars.

            (3) For a third and any subsequent violation, a fine of ten thousand dollars.

            Acts 2018, No. 703, §1.

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