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      CCP 1734.1     


Art. 1734.1.  Cash deposit; procedure

A.  When the case has been set for trial, the court may order, in lieu of the bond required in Article 1734, a deposit for costs, which shall be a specific cash amount, and the court shall fix the time for making the deposit, which shall be no later than thirty days prior to trial.  The deposit shall include sufficient funds for payment of all costs associated with a jury trial, including juror fees and expenses and charges of the jury commission, clerk of court, and sheriff.  The required deposit shall not exceed two thousand dollars for the first day and four hundred dollars per day for each additional day the court estimates the trial will last.  Notice of the fixing of the deposit shall be served on all parties.  If the deposit is not timely made, any other party shall have an additional ten days to make the required deposit.  Failure to post the cash deposit shall constitute a waiver of a trial by jury.  However, no cash deposit shall be required of an applicant for a jury trial under the provisions of this Article if waived or an order is rendered, pursuant to Chapter 5 of Title I of Book IX of the Code of Civil Procedure, permitting the applicant to litigate or continue to litigate without payment of costs in advance or furnishing security therefor.

B.  The clerk of court may disburse funds from the cash deposit for payment of all or a part of the jury costs as such costs accrue.  The clerk shall keep a record of funds disbursed by him from the cash deposit.

C.  The court may require an additional amount to be filed during the trial if the original amount of the cash deposit is insufficient to pay jury costs.

D.  The funds disbursed from the cash deposit for payment of jury costs shall be assessed as costs of court.

E.  After payment of all jury costs, any unexpended amounts remaining in the cash deposit shall be refunded by the clerk of court to the party filing the cash deposit.

Acts 1987, No. 937, §2; Acts 1989, No. 307, §1; Acts 1995, No. 148, §1; Acts 2004, No. 840, §2.

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