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      CCP 196     


Art. 196.  Power of district court to act in vacation

The following judicial acts or proceedings may be performed or conducted by the district court during vacation:

(1)  Signing of an order or judgment which, under Article 194, may be signed in chambers; and signing of any order or judgment in an action or proceeding which is tried in vacation;

(2)  Trial of or hearing on an action, proceeding, or matter which, under Article 195, may be tried or heard in chambers;

(3)  Trial of a rule for a preliminary injunction, or for the dissolution or modification of any injunctive order;

(4)  Trial of a habeas corpus, mandamus, quo warranto, or partition proceeding;

(5)  Trial of a motion for a change of venue;

(6)  Trial of or hearing on any other action, proceeding, or matter which the law expressly provides may be tried or heard during vacation, or in which the parties thereto have consented to the trial or hearing thereof during vacation;

(7)  Signing of an order of appeal requested by petition, providing the security therefor, and trying a rule to test the surety on an appeal bond; and

(8)  Trial of or hearing on an action, proceeding, or matter in a special session which, under the rules of the court, may be tried or heard therein.

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