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      HRULE 14.20     


Rule 14.20.  Committee Meeting Schedule; Session, Interim Conflicts

A.  The House of Representatives shall adopt, on the first day of each session, a uniform schedule of committee meetings to be followed throughout the session which shall be published in the Journal.  Such schedule shall designate the day(s) of the week and the time of day each committee shall meet during the session; provided, that the committee shall not be required to meet if it has no business to consider.

B.  A schedule of meeting days for committees shall be established for the interim between sessions by the Speaker in consultation with the committee chairmen.  Such schedule shall designate particular days each month for the meetings of each group of committees designated in House Rule 6.7.  Committees shall meet on such designated days only when called by the chairman.

C.  Session and interim committee schedules shall, to the maximum extent possible, be established so as to avoid committee meeting conflicts for legislators.

Mason's Manual:  Sec. 626 and 627

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