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      RS 23:1036.2     


§1036.2. Reserve police officers and deputies; coverage

            A. Any reserve police officer or reserve deputy who volunteers for a law enforcement agency, municipal or parish, and performs law enforcement activities and protective services and is injured in the line of duty may be entitled to medical benefits pursuant to R.S. 23:1203 if the municipality, parish, or public entity, in its own discretion and by using its own funds, elects to provide such coverage. Such benefits shall not be subject to a copayment, deductible, or any other method to shift the cost of compensable medical care to the injured volunteer reserve officer or deputy.

            B. No law enforcement agency shall provide indemnity benefits for the volunteer reserve police officer or deputy.

            C. No law enforcement agency shall be liable for benefits under this Section for injuries occurring within the course of, or arising out of, the volunteer reserve officer's or deputy's other employment.

            D. For the purposes of this Section, the following terms have the meaning ascribed to them:

            (1) "Volunteer reserve deputy" means an individual who is a part-time, non-salaried, fully-commissioned law enforcement officer who is a volunteer of the parish organization.             (2) "Volunteer reserve police officer" means an individual who is carried on the membership list of the municipal organization as an active participant in the normal functions of the law enforcement organization and who receives nominal or no remuneration for his services.

            Acts 2019, No. 306, §1.

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