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      CONST 3 15     


§15.  Passage of Bills

Section 15.(A)  Introduction; Title; Single Object; Public Meetings.  The legislature shall enact no law except by a bill introduced during that session, and propose no constitutional amendment except by a joint resolution introduced during that session, which shall be processed as a bill.  Every bill, except the general appropriation bill and bills for the enactment, rearrangement, codification, or revision of a system of laws, shall be confined to one object.  Every bill shall contain a brief title indicative of its object.  Action on any matter intended to have the effect of law shall be taken only in open, public meeting.  

(B)  No General Reference.  A bill enacting, amending, or reviving a law shall set forth completely the provisions of the law enacted, amended, or revived.  No system or code of laws shall be adopted by general reference to it.  

(C)  Germane Amendments.  No bill shall be amended in either house to make a change not germane to the bill as introduced.  

(D)  Three Readings.  Each bill shall be read at least by title on three separate days in each house.  No bill shall be considered for final passage unless a committee has held a public hearing and reported on the bill.  

(E)  Rejected bills; Reconsideration.  No bill rejected by either house may again be introduced or considered during the same session by the house which rejected it without the consent of a majority of the members elected to that house.  

(F)  Concurrence in Amendments.  No amendment to a bill by one house shall be concurred in by the other, and no conference committee report shall be concurred in by either house except by the same vote required for final passage of the bill.  The vote thereon shall be by record vote.  

(G)  Majority Vote; Record Vote.  No bill shall become law without the favorable vote of at least a majority of the members elected to each house.  Final passage of a bill shall be by record vote.  In either house, a record vote shall be taken on any matter upon the request of one-fifth of the elected members.  

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