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      CONST 5 8     


§8.  Courts of Appeal; Circuits; Panels; Judgments; Terms

Section 8.(A)  Circuits; Panels.  The state shall be divided into at least four circuits, with one court of appeal in each.  Each court shall sit in panels of at least three judges selected according to rules adopted by the court.

(B)  Judgments.  A majority of the judges sitting in a case shall concur to render judgment.  However, in civil matters only, when a judgment of a district court or an administrative agency determination in a workers' compensation claim is to be modified or reversed and one judge dissents, the case shall be reargued before a panel of at least five judges prior to rendition of judgment, and a majority shall concur to render judgment.

(C)  Terms.  The term of a court of appeal judge shall be ten years.

Amended by Acts 1980, No. 843, §1, approved Nov. 4, 1980, eff. July 1, 1982; Acts 2010, No. 1051, §1, approved Nov. 2, 2010, eff. Dec. 1, 2010.

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