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      RS 23:77     


§77.  Workforce system information technology; principles and information sharing

A.  The following principles shall guide the development and management of workforce system information resources:

(1)  Workforce system entities shall be committed to information sharing.

(2)  Cooperative planning by workforce system entities is a prerequisite for the effective development of systems to enable the sharing of data.

(3)  Workforce system entities shall maximize public access to data, while complying with legitimate security, privacy, and confidentiality requirements.

(4)  When the capture of data for the mutual benefit of workforce system entities can be accomplished, the costs for capturing, managing, and disseminating those data should be shared.

(5)  The redundant capture of data shall, insofar as possible, be eliminated.

(6)  Only data that are auditable or that otherwise can be determined to be accurate, valid, and reliable shall be maintained in workforce information systems.

(7)  The design of workforce information systems shall support technological flexibility for users without compromising system integration or data integrity, be based upon open standards, and use platform-independent technologies to the fullest extent possible.

B.  Information that is essential to the integrated delivery of services through the one-stop delivery system shall be shared between partner agencies within the workforce system to the full extent permitted under state and federal law.

Acts 2008, No. 743, §2, eff. July 1, 2008.

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