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      RS 23:2204     


§2204.  Local and regional workforce development plans

A.  A board or consortium of boards within a region shall adopt a single plan that includes the components specified in this Section.

B.  The plan shall include a strategic component that:

(1)  Assesses the labor market needs of the local or regional workforce development areas.

(2)  Identifies existing workforce development programs.

(3)  Evaluates the effectiveness of existing programs and services.

(4)  Sets broad goals and objectives for all workforce development programs in the local or regional area consistent with statewide goals, objectives, and performance standards.

C.  The plan shall include an operational component that specifies how all of the resources available to the local or regional workforce development area from the commission will be used to achieve the goals and objectives of the plan for the area.  At a minimum, this component shall establish:

(1)  The goals, objectives, and performance measures to be used in overseeing and evaluating the operation of all workforce training and services.

(2)  The segments of the population targeted for various services.

(3)  The mix of services to be provided and how those services are to be provided.

Acts 2008, No. 743, §2, eff. July 1, 2008.

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