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      RS 23:1749.2     


§1749.2.  Notice of overpayment delinquency; suspension of license

A.  The commission may send by certified mail, return receipt requested, a notice of overpayment delinquency to an obligor informing the obligor of the commission's intention to submit his name to the licensing authority for suspension of his license.  If an obligor holds multiple licenses, the commission may issue a single notice of its intention to submit multiple suspensions.

B.  A notice of overpayment delinquency shall include all of the following:

(1)  A summary of the obligor's right to file a written objection to the suspension of his license, including the time within which the objection shall be filed and the address where the objection shall be filed.

(2)  A brief description of an administrative hearing and location of the hearing if the obligor timely files a written objection.

(3)  The address and telephone number to which the obligor may respond.

(4)  A statement of the amount of the past-due overpayment.

(5)  A brief summary of all requirements the obligor shall meet to come into compliance or to forestall the suspension.

Acts 2012, No. 263, §1.

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