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      RS 23:1749.7     


§1749.7.  Subsequent compliance with overpayment obligation; compliance releases

A.  An obligor shall be considered to be in subsequent compliance with an overpayment obligation when all of the following occur:

(1)  The obligor is up to date with all overpayment obligations.

(2)  All past-due overpayment obligations have been paid or if the obligor agreed to a periodic payment schedule with the commission, the obligor has made timely periodic payments in accordance with the terms of that agreement for at least ninety days.

B.  At the request of an obligor who is in subsequent compliance with Subsection A of this Section, the commission shall electronically issue a compliance release certificate indicating that the obligor is eligible to have his license reissued.

Acts 2012, No. 263, §1.

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