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      RS 23:1769     


§1769.  Electronic registration; registration through an approved assurance organization

A.  The administrator is authorized, to the extent practical, to accept the electronic filing of a PEO registration that is in conformance with the Louisiana Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, R.S. 9:2601 et seq., including applications, documents, reports, and other filings required by this Part.

B.  The administrator  is further authorized, to the extent practical, to provide for the acceptance of electronic filings and other assurance documents by an independent and qualified assurance organization approved by the commissioner that provides satisfactory assurance of compliance with the applicable provisions of this Part.  The administrator  may permit a PEO to authorize such an approved assurance organization to act on the PEO's behalf in complying with the registration requirements of this Part, including the electronic filing of applications, documents, reports, registration fees, and other information.  Use of such an approved assurance organization shall be optional and not mandatory for any PEO.

C.  Nothing in this Section shall limit or change the authority of the administrator to register or terminate the registration of a PEO or to investigate or enforce any provision of this Part.

Acts 2012, No. 387, §2.

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