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      RS 23:107     


§107. Issuance of license; time for granting

            A. The assistant secretary, upon the compliance by the license applicant with the provisions of this Part, shall grant the applicant a license which shall be valid until the subsequent December thirty-first. Every license application shall be acted upon within thirty days from the date of the filing thereof.

            B. No license shall be issued unless the assistant secretary finds, from such investigations as he shall make, that there has been full compliance with all requirements and provisions of this Part and all rules and regulations made or prescribed hereunder; that the premises in which it is proposed to operate the employment service comply with regulations issued hereunder and with all local laws and ordinances and are suitable for the purpose; and that no other ground for refusal of the license exists within the meaning and purpose of this Part.

            C. An application for renewal of a license must be received by the office of unemployment insurance administration no later than the last business day of the calendar year for which the current license was issued. If the applicant fails to submit the renewal application in a timely manner, the employment service office shall be closed and the office shall not resume operation until the renewal application is received and processed by the office of workforce development and a new license has been issued.

            D. An application for a license that is received more than ninety days after a previous license has expired, or has been returned by the licensee for cancellation, or has been revoked and canceled by the office of workforce development, shall be treated as an initial license application, and the licensee shall be required to pay all fees and meet all requirements as a new licensee.

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