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      RS 23:108     


§108. Violations by licensee; revocation or suspension

            A. Whenever a written complaint is filed with the assistant secretary alleging a violation of this Part or the regulations promulgated hereunder, the assistant secretary may serve notice of such allegation in writing upon the accused employment service by personal delivery or by registered mail at the last post office address on file with the assistant secretary. The notice shall contain a concise statement of the facts constituting the complaint and enumerating the Section of this Part of the regulation or regulations alleged to have been violated. The notice shall inform the accused employment service that a hearing is scheduled on such complaint, the purposes thereof, and the date and time of said hearing. The hearing shall in no event be held earlier than twenty days from the date of the service of notice upon the employment service. The hearing shall be conducted by the assistant secretary, or his designee, and due process shall be observed. The employment service shall be entitled to be present at the hearing and be represented by an attorney. The assistant secretary may subpoena witnesses and direct the production of material, documents, and necessary books and papers. A decision by the secretary or his designee shall be rendered within ten days following the hearing.

            B.(1) For any act or omission in violation of any provision of this Part or any rule or regulation prescribed hereunder, the secretary may levy a fine not to exceed five hundred dollars per violation, suspend the license for a period of not more than one year, or revoke any license issued under the authority of this Part.

            (2) Reasonable litigation expenses may be awarded to the prevailing party of the adjudicatory hearing. "Reasonable litigation expenses" means any expenses, not exceeding seven thousand five hundred dollars, reasonably incurred in prosecuting, opposing, or contesting an agency action, including but not limited to attorney fees, stenographer fees, investigative fees and expenses, witness fees and expenses, and administrative costs.

            C. Should the assistant secretary or his designee determine that an applicant is entitled to a refund under any provision of this Part, or any rule or regulation prescribed hereunder, the assistant secretary shall issue an order to the employment service requiring the refund to be made.

            D. Any person aggrieved by an order entered pursuant to this Section may appeal therefrom to the Nineteenth Judicial District Court within thirty days after the date of such order as provided by R.S. 49:978.1.

            E. Out of the civil penalties collected for violations of this Chapter, expenses incurred in enforcing the provisions of this Chapter may be paid by the commission.

            F. Any applicant injured by the employment service or by his agents or employees while acting within the scope of their employment, by reason of an intentional misrepresentation, fraud or deceit, by reason of any other unlawful act or omission, or by reason of any other violation of the provisions of this Part made or committed in connection with the business licensed hereunder, shall have the right to seek recovery of amounts paid by the applicant to the employment service plus damages not to exceed twenty-five percent of the fee paid or other relief in any court of competent jurisdiction. Attorney fees shall be awarded to the prevailing party in such action.

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