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      RS 23:1123     


§1123. Disputes as to condition or capacity to work; additional medical opinion regarding an examination under supervision of the secretary

            If any dispute arises as to the condition of the employee, or the employee's capacity to work, the assistant secretary, upon application of any party, shall order an additional medical opinion regarding an examination of the employee to be made by a medical practitioner selected and appointed by the assistant secretary. The medical examiner shall report his conclusions from the examination to the assistant secretary and to the parties and such report shall be prima facie evidence of the facts therein stated in any subsequent proceedings under this Chapter.

            Amended by Acts 1983, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 1, §1, eff. July 1, 1983; Acts 1988, No. 938, §1, eff. July 1, 1989; Acts 2010, No. 3, §1, eff. May 11, 2010; Acts 2012, No. 235, §1; Acts 2017, No. 381, §2, eff. June 23, 2017.

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